... to the Sunshine Coast´s online Bridal Guide & Event Directory where you will find a collection of the premier businesses and individuals who provide services and products for those planning Weddings, Events, Parties and Get-togethers on the Sunshine Coast of BC. inluding Langdale, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay to Pender Harbour and Earl´s Cove.
         Find vendors and suppliers for party rentals, party decorating, catering, photography, music/DJ, jewellery, gift registries, spectacular locations and also for hair & makeup, childrens fashions and child care, your gifts & invitations, right down to the tables and chairs, dishes, tents and so much more.
         Also bridal tools to help you plan your wedding such as a directory of churches, a directory of locations, dance steps, tent layouts, napkin folding, and many more resources to help make your Sunshine Coast Wedding extraordinary.
And don´t forget the Sunshine Coast Bridal Affair, an annual wedding show presented at the Seaside Center in Sechelt, British Columbia each January.

Sunshine Coast Bridal Affair

At the Seaside Centre in downtown Sechelt, BC. January 25th, 2014 Learn more here...

For an opportunity to plan your entire wedding in one day, be sure to attend the SC Bridal Affair 2014...